Welcome to Advanced Data Analysis!

Welcome to the course! This is the home page of the course where I will provide a recap on what was covered in the week. Here I will post any documents or videos for your reference. If you have any questions, please email me at isaac.qs@csuci.edu.

Download it here: Github Repo

OR Type this in the RStudio terminal:

quarto use template inqs909/m408_hw

Type Y for the trust author. Type a name of a new directory in where to save the file. For example, type hw1.

OR Save this in an empty source quarto document:

title: "Title"
author: "Name Here"
date: "`r format(Sys.time(),'%m-%d-%Y')`"
    toc: true
    toc-depth: 2
    code-fold: true
    code-tools: true
    code-line-numbers: true
    embed-resources: true
    echo: true
    message: false
    warning: false
    error: true
    tidy: styler
      digits: 3
      max.print: 100

## Problem 1

## Problem 2

## Problem 3

Will post if class creates one.